Margherita Piccardo


Italian female visual artist.

Fine art school and degree in Japanese Calligraphy.

Graduation in archaeologic ceramic restoration.

Inspired and mentored by a Maestro in Calligraphy.


When calligraphy meets fine art

Margherita started painting from her earliest childhood stepping into her father shoes. After finishing fine art school, she focused her artistic research on the study of ceramic sculpting; creating essential and archaic forms. Her experimental research was oriented to high-temperature cooking techniques, primitive clays and natural enamels.

Later she met a calligraphy Maestro in Japan and entered the fascinating world of Shodo, the Japanese calligraphy. They have developed specific sensibilities and styles of calligraphy as well as new curves and moves, and specific paper and ink.

This had a great impact on her Margherita’s artistic work. She started to blend calligraphic painting with sculptures, creating a dialogue and a stimulating symbiotic relationship. 

The shape, size, stretch, and hair type of the ink brush, the colour and water density of the ink, as well as the material texture are the main physical parameters influencing the final result. The artist's technique also influences the result. The speed, accelerations, decelerations of the moves, turns, and crochets give the spirit to the paintings by greatly influencing their final shapes.


All pieces are unique and fit the BOAB personality (Breathtaking - Oomph - Authentic - Beautiful)