Dutch female visual artist.

International career in anthropological and sociological work.

Inspired by life among traditional tribes


Painting is my language

Mijpe’s studies and work brought her to gain extraordinary life experiences,

She lived some time with Indians in Northern & Central America and spent 5 years with her family in the last Tibetan Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. Her creativity and compositions have been greatly affected by scenes of stunning natural beauty in contrast with basic daily hard life. Inspired by (her) life itself, the way to express all this is to paint.

Mijpe developed her own style of mixed media in abstract contemporary art. Creating large abstract paintings with a lot of structure, raw materials and layers combined with enormous expressiveness and strong compositions. Breaking patterns by insight, perseverance and sacrifice.

Mijpe’s paintings are pure and intense. The strong contemporary compositions touch deep, are accessible and inscrutable at the same time. Using remanding colours like burnt asphalt, gold and silver, she is able to reflect both the dark and bright side of life. 

She creates, with her very own style, strong abstract compositions. With her paintings she inspires people to live.


All pieces are unique and fit the BOAB personality (Breathtaking - Oomph - Authentic - Beautiful)