Sonja Vereecken


Belgian female visual artist.

Art school fundamentals & auto education in Fibre Art

Inspired and mentored by a Master in Paper Fine Arts


Sculptures in natural fibres

Sonja is fascinated by biological forms and the rhythm & lines of nature.

She beliefs that life creates the most perfect forms and structures.

She is playing the looks of pure, fragile and unspoiled blank skin of natural fibres.

This workspace inspires her to unleash her feelings and creativity.

For the creation of her 3D objects she challenges the unruliness & resistance of natural fibres as hemp, flax, abaca and cotton. She developed proprietary refining processes and techniques. Hydration followed by sustained mechanical beating of the fibres during hours bring them to a paste that is meticulously applied on own created molds. Depending on the amount of water and type of process used, the material gets different degrees of shrinkage. No additives are needed, only the natural properties of the fibres are put at work. Some are getting dyeing pigments, others stay blank. The drying and callousness take several weeks.The creation outcome is an unpredictable gift of nature handled by a talented innovative artist. Looking at her sculptures works relaxing and makes feeling zen.


All pieces are unique and fit the BOAB personality (Breathtaking - Oomph - Authentic - Beautiful)