Sweet Confusion

A group exhibition
by Jacques Charlier, Li Fang and Aurélie Gravas


Peinture algorithmique 2019

Peinture algorithmique 2019

° 1939 Belgium

Lives and works in Liège.

As homo universalis, Jacques Charlier practices various art forms: painting, photography, video, music, texts, sculpture, installations, …. Since the start of his creative path, Jacques has followed various routes. Very often his work is loaded with humor and satire and is a parody of the world around him, including the art world itself. His work leaves the viewer with a frown and a smile. He is a virtuoso in finding new art expressions with a wink that intrigue, charm, stimulate and amuse the visitor. 

Jacques Charlier is one of Belgium's leading contemporary artists. Throughout his career, he participated in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions in Europe and around the world. His work is included in the collections of various Belgian museums for modern art, including MUHKA Antwerp, SMAK Ghent, MuZee Ostend, the French Community of Belgium, but also in French museums and the Mudam in Luxembourg.



° 1969 China

Lives and works in Paris.

Ai Weiwei and four women N°2

Ai Weiwei and four women N°2

Li has a very own way of painting with oil paint. She works with planes and often stretched figures, so that she captures light and movement in a unique way. Behind the simplicity of her paintings there is often a hidden meaning, a much deeper truth that attests to her social commitment.

Her series 'Chinois Nudes' recently made quite a stir. In this series Li supports her Chinese friend and colleague Ai Weiwei. By publishing nude photos on his website, Ai Weiwei comes into conflict with the government - a government he wants to sue. His sympathizers respond to this by also posting nude selfies. Li's works form an artistic interpretation of this event, which she experiences as social injustice in her homeland.

Li Fang studied at the art academy of Nankin and later worked as a teacher of art. In 2001 she settled in Paris and completed her education at the Sorbonne. She exhibited in France, Switzerland, China, Belgium and the USA. In addition to numerous private collectors, the Fondation Colas and the Cernuchi museum in Paris have also bought works from her.



° 1977 France

Lives and works in Brussels.

Femme aux lunettes vertes

Femme aux lunettes vertes

Innovative, intelligent, powerful and colorful - this describes in a few words the work of Aurélie Gravas. Aurélie is an acrobat in mixing color, shapes and materials. She creates a new world with figures that seem recognizable but are new. Is the work abstract or figurative? Sometimes one sees a sun or a tree or a vase, or a part of it or maybe not. Do we recognize the mind world of Picasso? Her compositions, however, transcend this comparison. Aurélie's works are colorful ensembles, 'refined' assemblages. Or even better, they form a hybrid of materials, techniques, shapes and figures - a new step in the evolution of painting.

Aurélie is a lawyer, studied art history at the Sorbonne and obtained her masters in painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Marseille. Aurélie frequently exhibits in France, Belgium and Switzerland and has won several prizes.