visual and performance artist, born in 1985 in Guangzhou, China.

Lives and works in Paris, France.

Very early in childhood, she discovered and practiced painting, music and dance under the influence of her family. After having a double bachelor’s degree majoring in oil painting and piano at Capital Normal University in Beijing, she moved to Paris in 2009. Once being awarded a master’s degree in Contemporary Art at university of Paris VIII, she continues her doctoral research in arts of images and contemporary art (EDESTA) in the same university.

Zhao Fei develops her artistic reflections and creations around a spiritual world. She is interested in the spatio-temporal conception of Nature, in the relation between human behavior and the surrounding environment, in the materiality of artifacts and their intangible resonances, in all search for the poetry of the world.

Zhao Fei goes deep into poetry, religion and mythology to explore the celestial world, and uses the body's own cosmic attributes to feel the natural environment, draws inspiration from it, and thus elucidates the dual mystery of the body and nature.

Zhao Fei's creative actions, like a glimmer of light in the vast space and time, faintly shines on the ephemeral human existence

Zhao Fei has participated in various residencies and has exhibited her works in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing and Paris, as well as other cities in Europe. Her works have been selected in many catalogs. 

Energy Debate-1, 2016

Energy Debate-2, 2016

45°63’ 41.50’’ N 25°59’29.49’’ E ELEV 960M, 2017

Celestial Body : Glade, 2018